Makoto Shinkai's 'Your Name' - Review

 I will be reviewing Makoto Shinkai's 'Your Name', for my Bronze Arts Award. This film is rooted in wondrous escapism, throwing the story of two young teenagers at you with beautiful animation and serendipitous, tragic themes of love and loss.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, its loving themes and unforgettable soundtrack, crossed with its whimsical nature were perfectly balanced for an amazing and tearful watch. In my opinion, the highlight of 'Your Name' is its aesthetic take on the workings of the teenage mind. The portrayal of confusion, love and loss is shown throughout the film in a magical way: via the swapping of two teens minds. One is a diffidently attractive young man, living in the bustling urban paradise of Tokyo. Another, is a pretty high-school girl, living in the picturesque, remote mountain town of Itomori. Their lives bother differ imensely, until they encounter their mind-swapping endeavor, in which love, time and dreams are intertwined to create an outstanding journey. 

I would recommend this film to anyone in need of a loving romance, a sorrowful tear and/or a beautiful experience, as it truly is a flawless piece of art : visually, musically and literally.


Will Curtis

Will Curtis

Drummer/ Guitarist, 14, Bronze Arts Award Student

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  • Dylan lee

    On 26 April 2021, 15:44 Dylan lee commented:

    Still need to watch it 😅

  • Dylan lee

    On 9 June 2021, 15:48 Dylan lee commented:

    This is an amazing review and makes the movie (Your name) sound like a brilliant watch

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