My review of Tinker Bell (Disney) (2008)

Short review of the film Tinkerbell for my Bronze award.

This film was about a young fairy called Tinker Bell.

At the start of the film, Tinker Bell (or a seed, of what would be tinker bell) Was found flying through the wind, over to fairy island. This is where most of the film takes place.

The main character is tinker bell, who is a young fairy who doesn’t like her talent. She is a tinker fairy. You may think, there is nothing wrong with that, but Tinker Bell does. She hates her talent because she can’t go to the mainland, the place where “interesting things” come from

In the end, she ends up getting to the mainland and liking her own talent.

This film teaches you to always be yourself, even if you don’t like who that is, because sooner or later you will. I think, although a pretty common plot, they pulled it off very well, and everything was done perfectly. They even perfectly set it up for sequels, because there was still so much mystery about it.

She also makes a few friends along the way, my favourite of which is the animal one, (got no idea what their name is.)

Tinker bell herself was a good character as well, although not my favourite

The film itself was a good film, and now it’s making me want to watch the sequels.

The art style was ok, not very ambitious, but its Disney that we are talking about, Disney is all about the money.  In some parts of the film they expertly used paintings to make the background look more beautiful. (And that is one of the best things I saw in the film)

So that is about it for my review, it was a good film with everything correct about the plot. And I will now rate it a............. (Come on, where is the drum roll?)................Ok fine.............9/10!

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Christian Copp-taylor

Christian Copp-taylor

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  • Carol Leach

    On 25 February 2021, 12:32 Carol Leach commented:

    This is a fascinating review. Very astute and some very interesting viewpoints.

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