An Ode To Women Who Love Women

This New Creative audio piece explores the power of loving women

An Ode To Women Who Love Women

You can listen to 'An Ode To Women Who Love Women' here.

This is an audio piece which almost feels like an eight-minute warm hug. Birds chirp and Siobhan Mazzei’s gentle tune plays, creating a soothing soundscape for Jane Hearst to give her heartwarming performance. This tender and personal feeling persists throughout the piece as Hearst elevates her central figure of womanhood, painting a multifaceted portrait of her. At points, the calmness can make the piece feel almost stagnant, especially in terms of its rhythm, but this never quite reaches outright boredom.

Hearst’s dialogue also has some really important things to say. She talks about the ways in which society, and the professional world in particular, marginalises femininity and frames it as a form of weakness. Yet, in embracing femininity, she makes this a really empowering piece. Furthermore, Hearst doesn’t just elevate womanhood, she also gives an ode to empathy and self-assertion that powerfully resonates. 

An Ode To Women Who Love Women is a really sweet piece which is both pertinent and powerful.

You can find our interview with writer/performer Jane Hearst here.

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