The Light Box

I am going to talk about my experience of going to the light box.

The Light Box

The light box was great. I saw a lot of pieces of art paintings, oil pastilles and statures. The statures were really strange but they were human size, so a lot of effort went into making them. They had some really nice mosaic cutlery in glass cabinets and they were in a varieties of colours. They had these paintings of houses along streets and an anonymous forests. They were made out of oil pastels. I don’t really like oil pastels because I find them hard to use because it is not easy to shade with them. I enjoy statures because I enjoy modelling with clay because I am good at it and it is fun to sculpt with it. The cutlery was kind of like mosaic tiles covering them what were in different colours.




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  • Luke Taylor

    On 16 March 2018, 09:54 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Good stuff Sami!

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