Review - Apple Special Event September 2016

The Apple Special Event is a show run by Apple. During the event, Apple generally release new products during these shows, so they are very exciting for tech lovers!

Review - Apple Special Event September 2016

For my Arts Award Event, I watched the Apple Special Event online, which took place on 7 September 2016 in San Francisco, California. I watched it on 24 Jan 2017, and during the show, Apple unveiled some of its new products. I have previously watched other Apple Events, but even though I knew about the new products, I had not watched this event, so wondered if Apple had released any information or products that I had not known about, and was curious as to how they revealed and described their products. I could use the information from the Apple event in my reviews and tips videos, so watching this event was a both for a review and for research.

Firstly, Apple started the show with a video of Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, driving to the auditorium with James Corden and Pharrel Williams whilst singing along to songs in the car. James dropped Tim off outside the backstage entrance, and the shot was cut to Tim walking on stage to begin the presentation. What an extravagant and amusing way to start off the show!

Tim then began talking about updates in the company. Then, he moved onto the new products Apple would be releasing soon.

First, he introduced the Apple Watch Series 2. Unlike Series 1, the new model is equipped with GPS, a water resistant body, a brighter display and a faster processor. My favourite part of the design is the water-ejecting speaker, where the speaker pushed moisture out of the body. This technology is groundbreaking, and I am fascinated by it. Apple also announced that Series 2 could also be purchased in a ceramic finish, and Apple also teamed up with Nike to create the Apple Watch Nike+, which comes with a different band style and different watch faces.

Then, Tim announced the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The main design change is the lack of a headphone port on the 7 and 7 Plus. Apple claim's that the Lightning port is capable of exactly the same as the headphone port, and in a device such the iPhone where space is limited, there was no point in having an extra component which isn't needed and is over 100 years old. On the positive side, the iPhones are water resistant, have stereo speakers, an improved display and the 7 Plus has an extra rear-facing camera.

Apple also announced the AirPods, wireless headphones that are very small and compact, but produce incredible sound and with the charging case, can play for up to 24 hours, which is remarkable for wireless headphones.

I thought the Apple Special Event in September 2016 was an excellent unveiling of their new products. I liked the way Apple invited other companies to the stage, such as Nintendo and Viewranger. Additionally, Apple showed the audience design videos of their new products, and these were interesting because they gave an insight into how Apple designed their products, and the incredible machinery used to build the new iPhone and Apple Watch. However, I was expecting Apple to release more products, for example a new iPad or iMac. The iMac has not been updated for a few years now, and I am hoping Apple is working on the generation of the desktop computer; it is one of my favourite computers. I would recommend the Apple Special Event to everyone who is an Apple fan. For lovers of the company, it is an extraordinary experience, and is very exciting when Apple release their new products. Also, Apple added in other intriguing information about the company during the conference, such as how high the Apple Watch is in world rankings, and new features in iCloud.

During the special event, I learnt more into the design of Apple products, discovered new features Apple implemented into their products in vivid detail, and I carefully followed how Apple displayed items to their audience. For example, firstly Jeff Williams, Apple's Chief Operating Officer, unveiled the Apple Watch with a video. Then, he talked the audience through the new features, using animations to help them understand what is going in the device. Next, he invited Viewranger to talk about their new app on the Apple Watch, and this helped me to understand how GPS on the Watch could be used. Because of the way that Apple used animations and videos in their videos, this prompted me to use clear diagrams and videos in my reviews.

Overall, I think that the Apple Special Event was interesting, engaging and well presented. Firstly, I liked how the speaker had videos and demos to go along with his or her speech. This made it easier for the audience to understand what he or she was talking about, and was also engaging because these videos were usually filled with lots of technology, and showed new features, which was very exciting. Secondly, I liked that different people explained about different products. For example, Craig Federighi unveiled most of the iPhone 7's design, and Jeff Williams explained new features of the Apple Watch. Whilst this was fair to evenly spread out much of the presenting, I would be the only one making videos, so I would not need to spread out the speech between any one else. Thirdly, thought that the icons to represent each feature were attractive and simple to understand. I tried to do the same on my website, by creating icons that the reader would be able to understand and click on. In conclusion, the Apple Special Event was a well thought out presentation and helped me produce a better website.


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