Adam Hess: Feathers

It's a great feeling when you see a Free Fringe gem.

Adam Hess: Feathers

For the second time this year, with Feathers, I see a comedian unlike any I've seen. The speed and ferocity with which he delivered his anecdote-heavy routine centred around his closest relationships is quite an intense experience. On a more specific level, though, the subtle facial expressions, juvenile ways of saying everyday words and impish noises are huge causes for laughter.

It's almost like he runes the time applause takes up from his routine by the speed with which he relentlessly delivers. The routine takes us through some of the most embarrassing moments he has suffered in the last year between him and his nearest and dearest including his new lady friend and his courting process.

Why is the show called Feathers?

You have to concentrate so as not to miss something said quickly but it's worth the effort. He barely bothered to correct himself or continue with a sentence he couldn't think of an end for.

With a bright-eyed expression but a villainous delivery, that classic contrast makes Feathers all a bit of a shock. Every anecdote is hilarious and the delivery only serves to enhance it. He is all too happy to share with us the sadder parts of his life but then turn them inside out and into gags that feel almost too naughty to laugh at.

I don't know what other stories he could tell next or even if he could, considering it's likely he fit every story from his whole life into the hour. But I trust that such a unique talent will deliver. Pithy, unfailing, and lightning speed comedy to chuck yourself around laughing at.

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Adam Hess: Feathers is on 16:10 at Heroes @ The Hive, Niddry Street everyday until 28 August. It's free but take some change in case you enjoy it as much as I did. For tickets and more information, visit the Fringe website.


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