Sparkleshark by Philip Ridley

A show full of imagination, focusing on the power of friendship.

Sparkleshark by Philip Ridley

Performed by the Young Actors Group, this story is powerful and important, especially for a younger demographic. The show sees a group of school children brought together by their imagination, despite their differences. Although I found the story a bit unlikely, I enjoyed the idea behind it and it was nice to see how the characters developed as they got to know one and other.

Unfortunately, I found that not all the actors involved seemed to be at the same level skill-wise, and I struggled to listen to bits of the show. Due to the seating arrangements, there were times when I couldn't see the actor onstage. When this is the case, it comes down entirely to what you can hear and the tone of the person speaking in order to get the story across. I found that a couple of the characters in particular seemed to show no change in tone or sign of emotion in their speech, which made it very difficult to listen to.

The two characters who stood out for me were the girl playing Natasha and the boy playing Russell. Both seemed particularly comfortable and at home on the stage, receiving many laughs from the audience. When these two came on stage, I felt the mood shift, and this was the first time I realised that those on stage before them had comparatively flat performances. Despite this, I think the show would be good for younger audiences as it has an important message to put across.

Overall, the message of the play is the most important bit for me.


Sparkleshark has its only other show on Saturday 21st May at 1pm.

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