Christina Bianco: Party of One

It's hard to imagine something as ferociously sublime – listen to what Christina Bianco can do with her voice and you'll see precisely what I mean.

Christina Bianco: Party of One

Only, she needs to stick to a level of her strengths.

Bianco opens telling us that this show – in the magnificent Spiegeltent Teatro Columbino – is littered with songs by the women who shaped her to become the performer she is today. The main feature of the show is an A-Z of these fabulous divas of whose songs she doesn't merely perform, but performs as the women. Yes, alongside her uproariously melodic voice, she does a cracking impression. Though some were a bit lost and needed slight work.

The alphabet was split into four and then Z, in between each quarter, she told us about her career with performances which dotted her path from child acting up to the Columbino. She belted out hits from Disney, Broadway and the greatest film musicals besides.

Incorporating impressions into her show meant she took a comedic approach to her show's delivery. Sadly, this is where her fifth star was denied. Near the end of the show, she did an arrangement of (find out the song) in the voices of what must have been over a dozen musical ladies. Only one of these could I recognise in the short time which was Cheryl Cole speaking, not singing.

The comedy compere approach she tried by using jokes and funny anecdotes wasn't really fulfilling, either. The charisma and grace she exuded in her singing wasn't reflected in her showmanship. Because of this, it felt as if the novelty of a kind of comedy concert structure fizzled out after a while. The A-Z may have been sufficient for a show. A surprise duet near the end brought the show to its height.

All of this said, it isn't enough to sully the immense musical talents she possesses. She can do phenomenal things with her voice. Spine-tingling high notes brought random bouts of applause which almost drowned out her thunderous voice.

A marvellous show. Streisand would be proud. I could listen and watch it again and again – hugely befitting the grand venue.

Catch Christina Bianco: Party of One at the Spiegeltent Columbino, Assembly George Square Studios, just down the road from the Gilded Balloon at 19:20 from 17 August onwards -


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