James Hamilton Is So Lonely

The line between obsession and enamour is a fine one.

James Hamilton Is So Lonely

James Hamilton takes us on a twisted journey of heartbreak, voicemail messages and curiosity. With the premise of the show centring on the Goggles of Future Past and Hamilton's narcissistic tendencies we are drawn into his subverted tale of love. The show warps perceptions and provokes thought, allowing the audience to feel real emotion for the often misfortunate, always hilarious characters on stage. This, to me, is the mark of a truly talented comedian.

Desperation is prominent within many of the characters, as Hamilton's life becomes enveloped with 'what could have been'. This forms the thought-provoking concept to the show, highlighting to audiences the number of possibilities one's future has, with the goggles skewing these potentials.

Travelling through times becomes possible through storytelling, something Hamilton does brilliantly, allowing the audience to become absorbed into the witty fiction. An utterly amusing narrative, strong comedic charm, and an overall charisma underpin all of this.

Hamilton's performance is engaging and comical, with him interacting with the audience spontaneously, reacting to the degrees of applause and laughter, tickling the ribs of everyone seated.

Whilst the show was excellent, it wasn't perfect, with some of the sketches being a little more difficult to follow than the others due to the time-travel element. Despite this, I found it overall to be a hysterical network of plot lines, which when looked at from afar created a very beautiful web.

This solo character comedy show is not one to be missed: surreal, absurd, and weird but ultimately just downright funny.

James Hamilton is performing at the Voodoo Rooms until the 30th August (not 17th). It is a free event, so arrive early to ensure you get a seat! Show starts at 21:30. For more information, view the Fringe website.


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