I saw this show on a whim, and with that whim I was blown away. It's officially the best whim of my life.


Everything you really need to know about this show can be discerned from the name. "Balletronic" is the fusion of two words – Ballet and Electronic. This is no coincidence, as the show consists of people doing ballet to electronic music. Simple enough, now you know what to expect when you go see it – and you will go see it, because it's absolutely astounding. The music is incredible, the dancers are all incredibly talented, and the technical side of the production was enthralling.

As this is a dance-piece the show was not narrated per se, but the story was clear, it's about love and lust between several couples, all expressed through the sound, lights and most importantly the beautiful dancing, the enchanting fusion of two dancers entwining their bodies amid the euphoric fusion of the other dancers and the orchestra. I was and still am truly amazed at the strength that all of the performers showed, demonstrating feats of grace, flexibility, and strength that you have to see to believe – special mention I feel goes to the main male lead dancer whose movements, while powerful, had the serene grace, that can only be likened to a swan (while I recognise that's a bit of a cliché, it's a necessary one).

tI mentioned previously the orchestra, and now feel the need to give them their full dues. For me the music was the crux of the piece, being an audiophile, I appreciate well arranged music, that borrows themes and ideas from other pieces and genres, and I adore skilled musicians. Believe me when I say I have never been treated to music with such power, beauty and contrast, than in this show. Stand out musicians for me were the lead Violinist, who often walked about the stage playing flawless riffs and licks, playing what can only be described as the audio equivalent to ecstasy; and the Female percussionist, whose own dancing (in ridiculously high heels might I add) was as, if not more excitable than that of the ballet dancers, her command over the chimes was masterful, creating an effect that made the whole piece feel dream-like when they were being played, while her other bits of percussion brilliantly highlighted different part of the music, that brought the dancers and the orchestra together.

In spite of all this praise and brilliance, there were some blemishes on this piece, namely the synchronisation of the dancers and the screen behind them, used to help set scenes. The dancers, while near-flawless in the solo and dual dances, began to fall apart as more and more of them joined the fray, with a lack of togetherness that really brought the piece down, and this made the group dances feel sloppy and unpolished. My other complaint, with the screen at the back is solely a technical one. It wasn't working properly, with inconsistent static and screen tearing that clearly was not in time with the music, and was down to a technical error. It's unfortunate that I noticed these things, however I'm sure I wasn't the only one, and it's a shame, as they really did bring the piece down for me.

If you're a fan of dance, great music and great ideas, then I would strongly recommend this show, even if you're not a fan of dance, I still think you should see this show, it's amazing. It might be worth waiting a few days however, as I feel it still lacks that "polish" that would make it perfect.

Balletronic is being shown in the Pleasance Grand and is on every day in August, except the 12th, 18th and 24th. Performances start at 21:30, and last for an hour and ten minutes. Tickets cost £14.50 Monday-Thursday and £16.50 Friday-Sunday. Seating is unallocated, so arrive early to get a good spot! This show implied on adult themes, but contains nothing explicit. Tickets can be purchased here.


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