Electrifying Producer mïus Announces 'Abstrakt' Album and Shares Single 'Clappp'

Renowned audiovisual artist mïus just released his highly anticipated full-length album, 'Abstrakt', through Théque Records.

Leading up to the album release, mïus has already shared several captivating singles, including the modulating track 'Clappp', which pulsates with each kick. The album also features previously released singles such as 'Last Time' featuring Raf Skowroński, 'Feather' featuring Amme, and 'Slow Burn' featuring HALOSARA. Additionally, mïus will be teaming up with Attaray Visual to present their audio-visual show, 'naked waves', later this year.

mïus's music has been gaining significant recognition in the press with every new release. His tracks have been aired on various radio stations and with nearly 1 million streams on Spotify alone, mïus has previously charted on Spotify's Top 50 in both the UK and Germany.

Gergely Álmos, the creative mind behind mïus, leads a multifaceted life as an architect and set designer in the film industry. This background explains his meticulous attention to detail, which is evident in his music and accompanying videos. Every aspect of his artistic expression is a result of his mature conception and self-expression. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jamie xx, Jon Hopkins, Ben Böhmer, and Moderat, 'Clappp' lives up to its title, featuring expansive synths, captivating oscillations, and infectious claps that drive the track's energy to soaring heights. It serves as an excellent introduction to the forthcoming album.

mïus sheds light on the central theme of 'Abstrakt': "The main concept of the album was to use multiple samples and found sounds, combined with recorded analog synths, to create a new, distinctive analog-digital synth sound. This approach results in abstracted sounds and captivating synthesizer sound design. The title 'Abstrakt' refers to this method."

'Abstrakt' LP Tracklist:

  1. Feather ft. Amme
  2. Clappp
  3. Slow Burn ft. HALOSARA
  4. Freedom ft. Raf Skowroński
  5. Quattro
  6. Ode ft. Amme
  7. Last Time ft. Raf Skowroński
  8. Walls II ft. Daniel Varga

Fans will also have the opportunity to experience mïus's immersive audio-visual show, 'naked waves', which promises to be a unique and captivating experience. The tour dates are as follows:

  • 8 July: Zsolnay Light Festival, Pécs, Hungary
  • 19 Aug: Fekete Zaj Festival, Mátra-Sástó, Sástó, Hungary
  • 28 Sept - 1 Oct: Live Cinema Festival, Rome

With the release of 'Abstrakt', mïus continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, delivering a mesmerizing blend of innovative sounds and immersive visuals. Be sure to listen to the album and embark on this electrifying sonic journey.

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Header Image Credit: Bence Szemerey


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