Review: Agatha Christie's The Mirror Crack'd at the Alexandra Theatre

One of Agatha Christie’s iconic characters Miss Marple returns to the stage, the production is currently on its UK tour. After seeing the show at the Alexandra Theatre here’s what I thought…

Review: Agatha Christie's The Mirror Crack'd at the Alexandra Theatre

The show stars very talented cast members including Susie Blake, Joe McFadden and Sophie Ward. All of the performers had great stage presence, it was interesting to see how they would bring such a classic movie to the stage especially how it has been enjoyed through many generations, the storyline was brought to life in a unique way with the mansion at the centre of the stage throughout the production very much like the movie where the mansion is at the forefront of all the drama that takes place from scene to scene and we as the audience get to see this evolve as the show goes on.

Miss Marple played by stage and screen star Susie Blake was casting at its best, she really embraced the iconic character and definitely looked the part. Miss Marple is the most fundamental part of this production so it was important that they casted the right artist to play this role. The furnishings and costumes really helped to set the tone and atmosphere as well as the lighting to enhance the brightness of the stage.

Joe McFadden was an incredible asset to the production and it was great to see him in the show however considering his one of the main three characters and featured on the poster I felt he was underused and should have been given more of an opportunity to have his time to shine, this might have been because there’s many characters to cram into the running time.

Some parts of the performance were slow and flat, there weren’t a lot of wow moments and the ending wasn’t as spectacular as it could have been, there were some creative aspects that I thought could have been included and left me wanting more, however it was still a lovely evening at the theatre seeing such a classic show with a strong cast and script.

If you enjoyed the film then you’ll love this thrilling stage adaptation, a very well deserved 4 star production and would recommend, tickets and show information are available from:

Tour details can be found here:


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