Review of Spitting Image LIVE

Spitting Image LIVE is brought to the stage through one of a kind puppets of well known characters from the world of politics and TV. In this unique stage show based of the iconic series Al Murray helps bring the comedy, here's what I thought...

Review of Spitting Image LIVE

It was incredible to see the different characters come to life on stage and how they all looked so identical to the real people, puppets included Sir Ian McKellen, Adele, Tyson Fury, Idris Elba, Angela Rayner, Donald Trump, Tom Cruise and more. This production has absolutely no rule book and isn't a family show due to adult themes and strong language, humour is what this show is all about, it's all for the laughs. We all need a good laugh right now and that's the strong point of this production as it allows the audience to have fun.

Being a new show it had fresh sets and bright scenery, you very much feel like your watching an episode of Spitting Image as if you've gone into your television and your even closer to the action as there's a lot going on on stage, at times it did feel overpacked with content, I feel like they might have crammed too much into the show where it wasn't necessary, sometimes less is more.

Their are areas for improvement, it's very much at the point of trial and error, one of the most challenging things about this is they have got to constantly keep the script fresh as the world of politics and television move very quickly especially these days therefore some of the content in this show could easily go stale and be unforgotten if the writers and producers don't keep up to date with the news and what's topical, the talking points of news stories is what the traditional series was based on so the script staying relevant is important if this show want's to be successful beyond it's debut.

Parts of the show did become flat and their were times when not everyone was laughing at the same thing, you'd hear some people laughing and you'd think why aren't the whole audience laughing? The atmosphere was electric and better when the whole audience laughed together.

For some reason I did leave the theatre slightly disappointed as it wasn't as good as I had hoped it was going to be and didn't feel special. I did have high hopes for this production but it just struggled to tick all of the boxes and others who see this show may feel the same.

It is important to give credit to the many talented creatives involved such as the puppeteers and voiceover artists.

The show is awarded 3 stars, it doesn't take itself seriously, it's silly, lighthearted comedy, it guarantees a fun filled night at the theatre and tickets and more information are available from:

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