The Ocean at the End of the Lane at Curve Theatre, Leicester

The acclaimed National Theatre production of The Ocean at the End of the Lane comes to Leicester’s Curve Theatre, a thrilling magical fantasy based on the novel by author Neil Gaiman, adapted by Joel Horwood and directed by Katy Rudd.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane at Curve Theatre, Leicester

This nostalgic, gripping adventure of fantasy, myth and friendship is a breath of fresh air. Simply a five-star spectacular, blending magic with memory in a tour-de-force of storytelling taking audiences on an epic journey to a childhood once forgotten and the darkness that lurks at the very edge of it. 

When returning to his childhood home, a man finds himself standing beside the pond of the old Sussex farmhouse where he used to play. He’s transported to his 12th birthday when his remarkable friend Lettie claimed it wasn’t a pond, but an ocean, they are both plunged into a magical world - a place where everything is possible.

This production is unique in how they creatively brought this story to life from page to stage using imagination and interpretation of how they would tell the story. The storyline continues to unravel throughout and is incredibly fast-paced and moving to the point I even got goosebumps.

It's a show that was packed full of heart and emotion which is really important with this specific genre of theatre. It captivated the individual personalities of the main characters allowing them to shine, the staging was set in a glowing forest, and the ocean flowed over me in a surprising and striking way with the tone of the ocean waves changing colour. I was hooked by everything that was taking place in front of my eyes, it was absolutely phenomenal.

Starring stage and screen star Charlie Brooks from EastEnders as Ursula and Skarthatch, Brooks was a major part of this production playing not one but two characters effortlessly. I thought it was wonderful to see how she embodies each character and is an asset to this theatrical masterpiece. Many audience members were surprised by her appearance in the performance as her casting and involvement in the show was kept low key.

If you’re after seeing a piece of theatre that’s incredibly thrilling and refreshing then this is the show for you. It was a joy to experience this production at the start of its new tour. 

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is running at Curve Theatre, Leicester until Saturday 11 February 2023, tickets are available here. Further tour dates around the UK can be found here.


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