‘Single On The 25th': A new song with an old message

Lauren Spencer Smith is a fresh new voice on the Christmas music scene but sadly isn't telling us anything we haven't heard before. 

Single On The 25th, as you can likely guess from the title, is a sad song about not having someone to hold during the holidays. Sung by the beautiful, increasingly popular voice of Lauren Spencer-Smith, this stereotypical Christmas tune is definitely still one for ballad lovers.

Released a number of weeks ago, Single On The 25th (2022) captures a feeling of FOMO-induced despair that many of us will be able to relate to. Whether you spent your last Valentine's Insta-stalking an ex to see if they were alone too or if you can recall a mistletoe-deprived Xmas, you are far from alone in the sentiment.

“Praying for the love / you see in the movies / not asking for much / just 1”

As the cold nights get longer and prettier, with decorations continuing to line the streets, it’s not surprising that many people are sad to not have someone to spend it with. Love songs and I-want-you tunes have been previously preached from the tree tops, from Mariah’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’, to the all too familiar lyrics of Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’.

Single On The 25th doesn’t appear to offer anything overly different, aside from the inclusion of a fresh artist’s voice. Although the song itself isn’t bad.

“Maybe it’s the time of year / and how it brings up what I fear / I’m by myself / wishing I had someone else”

It goes without saying that, for so many reasons, Christmas is an often isolating time of year. Each and every one of these reasons and feelings are valid, and this song conveys the idea of loneliness being hard adequately. However, it comes across as a bit… desperate.

I’ve been single during Christmas before and will openly admit to feeling a bit desperate. But that being said, especially coming from a young, new female voice in the industry, I would have hoped for something that comes across as less codependent, and more vulnerable. So, instead of using clichés and imparting the message that the singer feels utterly incomplete without a date, she instead could have delved deeper into her emotions and songwriting. She touches upon how the season ‘brings up what I [she] fear[s]’. Why can’t we know more about that? Why can’t we get to know her deeper beyond this surface level?

If you like sad Christmas ballads, I’d say to give this one a listen because the artist has a beautiful voice. However, the song doesn’t particularly offer anything that hasn’t already been done ten times before.

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