Singin' in the rain - play review

This was a delightful production. The set was not a colourful as I expected but it was certainly creative – and was complimented with lovely lighting. The colourful costumes also demanded a lot of attention. It was a real feast for the eyes.

Singin' in the rain - play review

Singin’ in the Rain came to life, showering the front rows with water during the title number – singing in the rain – and delighting everyone else with its faithful version of the iconic movie and quick dance routines such as the great Good Morning. The show may be resting slightly on its glories of the film for this return but there’s still plenty of charm. 

The leading man Don Lockwood’s dancing needs more energy, to fit this thrilling show, though he makes up with it with his singing and acting, making him a convincing all-rounder as silent movie star. During the play he must navigate the move into talking films somewhat better than our glamorous leading protagonist Lina Lamont, whose hilarious high pitch and overlooked cunningness get Don into all sorts of trouble, as he is trying updating the talking film with his humorous trio: Kathy Selden who gets tricked into singing over Lina for the redo of the movie ,and Don’s sidekick Cosmo Brown, the hardest-working person on stage, who delivers the funniest slapstick of a number - Make ’Em Laugh. He has a lovely voice, too, which is almost as amazing as his dancing.

Overall, the show is phenomenal even though there are some tweaks that could be made such as, shrinking the space between big numbers or dropping a few more jokes to make it more engaging.  But these are easily overlooked because of the wittiness of the songs, the amusing silent films and the capturing choreography. I would recommend this play to anyone. Anyone at all.


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  • Olivia Wyatt

    On 12 July 2022, 18:26 Olivia Wyatt Kickstart commented:

    Thank you so much for this fantastic review Esther!! I really enjoyed reading it! I would love to know how the rest of the audience reacted. Did they react similar to you or did you see anyone who looked like they had a completely different view (or did you overhear anyone else's conversations?). Also I would love to know what venue you saw this at and how was the experience of going there??

    Thanks so much again!! :)

  • Tom Inniss

    On 15 July 2022, 13:32 Tom Inniss Voice Team commented:

    I always love when shows are described as having charm – there's something quite nice and reassuring about it. This sounds like a perfectly fun show, and your review balances that with some thoughtful critique, great job!

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