Peaky Blinders: The final series uncovered S06E04

Voice reviews every episode from the final series of Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders: The final series uncovered S06E04

The previous episode saw Tommy’s Daughter Ruby pass away from sudden illness with Tommy left out in the rain grieving for his child. We now start at Ruby’s funeral where Charlie (Tommy’s son) placed a single rose on Ruby’s burial wagon, accompanied by the somber music of In This Heart by Irish singer Sinead O'Connor that created a poignant and gloomy atmosphere.

After standing over his daughter's coffin proclaiming “the devils who did this will pay” Tommy goes in search of those who gave his family the curse of the blue sapphire back in series three, inevitably killing three people. He then finds out from Esme he also has another, more grown-up son after spending the night with a woman before he went to war. We're yet to see if Tommy welcomes his son into the family, but given that family dynamics are a big part of the program, it is hard to see Tommy not developing a relationship with his estranged offspring.

We also saw how Arthur was still struggling with addiction, as when Tommy asks him to recite words at Ruby’s funeral he declines. Later on, Arthur’s in the barrel store slumped up against the wall as the Shelby brothers reminisce on their childhood in a heartfelt moment where we see the caring side of both Arthur and Tommy –  two broken men trying to make peace with the world. For the first time in 4 years, Tommy picks up a glass of whisky and sips it like a form of release. 

Oswald Mosely and co arrive for a meeting as Tommy is forced to prove he is a member of the Nazi regime by standing to salute (something that wouldn't come easy to a socialist MP). Whilst Tommy has always had some connection to Oswald in the previous series it seems Sam Claflin's performance is the only thing saving the storyline, so far there's been a severe lack of everything we fell in love with from the first series. No big fights, no stylish strong family, and for the love of God where is Finn Shelby? A thirty-second glance just isn't substantial enough for the next generation of Peaky’s, considering creator Stephen Knight wants to create a film.

The biggest twist of all though is Tommy’s diagnosis. After being screened for infection at the hospital when Ruby was sick, a doctor came round to the house to give the devastating news that Tommy only has a year to 18 months to live. The doctors had found an incurable lump which he may have been given from Ruby. Although this explains why Tommy has been experiencing seizures and shortness of breath, surely they can’t kill off the main character? Considering Cillian Murphy's heavy involvement with the show, Tommy’s storyline really does make the final series all the more real.

Now Tommy’s been given a diagnosis I wonder whether the series tagline, “Then we Peaky Blinders rest” foreshadows his untimely death before the series is out. Whilst the family are yet to find out, perhaps they will come back stronger to look after Tommy one final time. 

Peaky Blinders continues Sunday at 9 PM on BBC One

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