Songwriting with Higher Rhythm

We are delighted to share our online Youth Music-funded provision to achieve a Bronze Arts Award in Songwriting: Higher Rhythm Education

Songwriting with Higher Rhythm

We are delighted to share our online Youth Music-funded provision to achieve a Bronze Arts Award in Songwriting:

Higher Rhythm Education offers young people a Bronze Arts Award course in songwriting and recording, helping them to acquire a whole range of creative and employability skills. The online learning platform guides young people through the course and contains all information needed to successfully complete the Bronze Arts Award. 

During the course young people will develop skills in five areas:

  1. Writing: improvement of lyric writing skills and learning how to write songs.
  2. Reviewing: attending a virtual or real-life music performance and writing a review of the event like a true journalist.
  3. Exploring: researching the career and work of their favourite artist, getting to know more about the concept of role models.
  4. Sharing: passing on acquired knowledge to a friend, a family member, or a peer.
  5. Recording: once young people have completed phases 1-4, they will have the opportunity to record their songs with a professional musician. This will either take place at one of Higher Rhythm’s recording studios or at the schools involved in the programme.

We can offer free places on the Online Arts Award Bronze Course in Songwriting for young people across Doncaster and beyond, through our Music Inclusion project which is funded by the Youth Music.

Interested? Get in touch with [email protected]

Higher Rhythm Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation based in Yorkshire, established in 2001.

We provide music and media industry services and opportunities across the Yorkshire region including two recording studios, a licensed radio station, a record label, digital distribution, events promotion, artist development programmes, enterprise support, courses (including national & higher national diplomas) and volunteering opportunities.

Higher Rhythm is unique regionally, providing the entire music and radio industries in one place, offering a hub of opportunities that anyone can access to develop their knowledge, practice or careers.

Higher Rhythm also delivers a range of projects, working with local, national and international partners and funders, to increase participation in the activities we provide and widen access to the music and media industries.


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