Interactive 3D gallery space, 'this place [of mine]' launches

An interactive 3D gallery space designed as a virtual recreation of a Greater Manchester high street, ‘this place [of mine]’, has been launched to provide young people with a platform to share ideas about the future of their town centres.

Interactive 3D gallery space, 'this place [of mine]' launches

A new immersive online environment has been launched by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, GM Arts and FutureEverything. ‘this place [of mine]’ is a collaborative piece created by young people, artists and digital designers Studio Treble, all from Greater Manchester.

As town centre and high street regeneration has become a major point of focus for the government, ‘this place [of mine]’ offers young people a platform to share ideas about the future of their local high streets. The interactive hub allows viewers to immerse themselves in an online world that serves as a digital recreation of a Greater Manchester high street. The hub features digital art created by the projects Young Producers and Citizen Futurist in response to the communal themes of regeneration.

Using the imaginations and ideas of young people, ‘this place [of mine]’ tells the story of a journey undertaken by ten inspiring Young Producers from the Greater Manchester area. The project provides audiences with a unique insight into the perspective of these Young Producers and their relationship to place which can be explored through the vibrant digital artworks they have created. 

‘this place [of mine]’ is a virtual playground of discovery populated by 3D artifacts, questions and an exhibition of digital art presented through a multitude of mediums such as audio-visual techniques, illustration and coding.

In connection with the project, a series of digital art commissions created by Manchester based artists Jacob Bolton, Izzy Bolt, Joe Whitmore, James Medd and David McFarlane have been launched on the interactive hub. Utilising a variety of digital skills and creative techniques, each artist has delivered work inspired by their conversations with the Young Producers including a playful high street themed game and a hypertext narrative set in a parallel world, among others.

To find out more about this project, visit the FutureEverything website.

‘this place [of mine]’ is live now and can be viewed here!

Header Image Credit: this place [of mine]


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