Interview with Sadhana Narayanan, Summer Showcase participant

We speak to 17-year-old Sadhana Narayanan about their entry to the Voice Summer Showcase.

Interview with Sadhana Narayanan, Summer Showcase participant

For their submission to the 2021 Voice Summer Showcase, Sadhana submitted examples of her digitally manipulated photography of the Scottish Higlands.

We invited Jack Solloway, Marketing Executive at Bloomsbury Digital Resources and former Assistant Editor to Voice, to join current Assistant Editor Saskia Calliste to view the submission and provide feedback to the artist. 

Jack said: "Sadhana’s photography is understated, subtle and often beautiful. Her surreal edits express a vibrant inner life that lies just beyond the picture. I think Sadhana’s use of Photoshop as a tool to highlight the photographer’s emotion is a clever way of playing on the viewer’s expectations of landscape photography, to tease out elements that may be latent in the picture - or even contradictory to its form or sense of atmosphere. I love the experimentation here, and I hope Sadhana continues to explore image-making in even more various and daring ways."

Saskia said: "These pictures of the beautiful Scottish Highlands have been distorted to show them from a different perspective. The editing techniques are simple but elegant, and I think what Sadhana has done is quite clever. I particularly like the image of the Highlands from the car, as I think this image best represents what Sadhana has said about how the original images don’t quite reflect what it’s like to look at the land in person."

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I'm Sadhana, a student from the UK. I like storytelling through words, photos and film. 

Give us a brief description of your submission?

My submission is a piece of visual art; digital photography with surreal editing. 

How long have you been practicing your artform?

I've been taking photos for around 4 years but have learn more about editing and editing softwares over the last year and a half. 

What is some advice you wish you'd had before you started your artform?

I think to be patient about finding out what you want your images to look like. Look for inspiration from artists that you like and try and recreate your version. As you do this, you'll come to understand what you like and dislike. 

Who are your artistic inspirations?

For this particular piece, I can't pinpoint a single artist but more generally, Jean-Michel Basquiat is a big inspiration for me. I think he created art that was important to him and what he believed in, and also never swayed from created things in the way he wanted to. 

To see Sadhana's submission, click here

To see all the submissions to the 2021 Voice Summer Showcase, follow this link.


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