Essentially Cher at Burnley Mechanics

5 star performance! Splendid, super and a sight to behold! I would recommend this to everyone that loves a good show. 10 out of 10! 

I saw this Performance on Friday 16th February at Burnley Mechanics. The doors opened at 7pm and seating started at 7:30pm to be ready for the show to start at 8pm. On this occasion, I had the opportunity to take my mum with me and I used the experience as a late birthday surprise for her!  It was great to allow my mum this amazing experience as well as for myself. 

The lovely lady impersonating Cher was fantastic. She sounded, looked and presented herself as if she was the real deal. She was extremely convincing, she spoke and kept in character throughout.  The whole performance followed a timeline starting in 1960 through to the 90's and present day.  

The stage was filled with an expansive cast of band members and dancers. The dancers consisted of one male and one female and both were very talented and displayed a range of choreographies. The graphics on the backscreen was very impressive and kept you engaged, there was always something new to see which kept it entertaining. There was a lot of effort and research put into the performance to fully embody the enigmatic character that is Cher. This was seen through the several fabulous costume changes done by the main singer, dancers and band to portray Cher's magnificent career through the ages. All the costumes were breathtakingly chic and sparkly. 

The atmosphere was energetic and the audience were in awe of 'Cher', loudly cheering and chanting praise towards her. The sound was at a desirable volume, loud enough for us to hear the band, backup singers and main singer without being too overwhelming.  I knew this because I wasn't deafened after seeing this performance. 

The cast were very good at interacting with the audience, the male dancer joined the audience at one point to dance with one of them and the main singer would bring humour into the show by talking with us in a way that felt like we were talking with the actual Cher, such as mentioning being 77 years old and relating to other members of the audience that were at similar age, this was done in a humourous way. During the song 'gypsies, tramps and thieves' she split the audience into 3 groups and got us to cheer when our group was mentioned. During one of the songs, the audience got involved by turning their phone torches on and waving them in the air. Both back up singers got a chance to sing one song each of their choice. The female back up singer chose Tina Turner, Proud Mary and the male back up singer chose Meatloaf, Dead ringer for love. Both songs were sung brilliantly by these very talented singers. 

Overall, this was one of the best performances I have ever seen and I could see that these performers were very dedicated, showed lots of amazing talent and took pride in their performances. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone who wants to have an exciting and entertaining night out at the theatre!  Definitely a night not to miss and something you can get glammed up for!   

Header Image Credit: Photo taken by the reviewer, Holly Craig


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