Interview with Testimony Olumoroti, contributor to ECS Empower

12-year-old Testimony Olumoroti tells us about the process of creating a magazine, and some of the challenges they faced. 


Could you first tell us your name and age?

Testimony, age 12

Tell us about ECS Empower?

A magazine that helps to create a better society where people can understand the different treatment of Black people it also gives a better opportunity for people to share their experiences and if they need help dealing with it (BLM) 

Why did you decide to get involved in the magazine? What was your contribution?

Contradicting what white people say, not many people understand the unfairness and cruelty throughout history and even today. Honestly I’ve always supported BLM – especially due to Michael Jackson. I was the graphic artist for the magazine 

How did you find the process of creating your own magazine? What were some of the fun bits?

Hmm... Well since I’m still piled up with school stuff and homework I wasn’t always able to produce the best quality art, or get it to match the scenario. I’m still learning techniques and shading so it was really fun knowing what to improve on, and how I should do it, or what type of anatomy I should use.

And was there anything you found challenging?

Not having the right digital equipment.

What do you want to be when you get older? 

Singer or an artist.

Testimony Olumoroti is a contributor to ECS Empower. To find out more about the magazine, and hear from other young people who worked on it, follow this link.


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