Interview with activist artist Dion Kitson

We catch up with artist Dion Kitson, an international British artist with a political message in his fine art. 

Interview with activist artist Dion Kitson

Hi Dion, tell us a bit about how you came to be involved in your current project

I remember drafting it in April, looked at it for a while and realised I don’t have a spare £1000 to commit to some sweets, fast forward to August I mentioned it to a friend and they convinced me it was something I should make, within days the art collector and actor Stephen Mckay was funding the project and they were in production, it was a series of fortunate events.

What do you love about your career?

2fca1aac14003b0b4bc5ba982eca5880871f62c2.jpgThe unpredictability of it all, I have no idea what's coming next week, where I’ll be, who I’ll be working with and what it will involve, I like the notion of my career and work is dependent on myself having an idea. It’s kind of poetic.

What are the challenges you’ve faced so far?

Getting larger productions realised, but that’s a given.

What are the highlights of your career to date?

Being able to work with artists and experience the various ways they create and continue to shape their careers, as for exhibitions I was involved in the 57th Venice Biennale and a group exhibition at the Tate Liverpool earlier this year.

Who are your influences?

I’ve been obsessed with American politics for the past two years. Does that mean Donald Trump is an influence? I suppose he is in some way. As for a positive and creative influence, I've always been a big fan of Jeremy Deller's work and his social surrealism along with the construction, depth, and debate of Gavin Turk’s work.

What are your long-term ambitions?

f168757461769a1c60b258d9dd112ab81c6e0979.jpg‘The Kitson Gallery’ or something like that… I’m working towards raising/saving money to acquire a different studio. 

Do you have any tips for other people looking to follow in your footsteps? 

Work hard, like seriously, work hard. During a time where the audience for art is at it’s highest and art is at it’s most accessible both in and out of the digital world, everyone has the potential and platform to be an artist, its competitive, but that’s healthy, it keeps you on your toes, If your not working hard there are four other artists who are working harder.

Where can people find out more about you?

There’s information and ‘Brexit Sucks’ sticks of rock available on my website. Edition Of 1000 £5 each.

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Header Image Credit: Headshot by Carla Borel (Photographer)


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