Laraib, Myda, Abigail and Georgia, Silver achievers from South Square Centre, Bradford

Four Silver Arts Award achievers from the South Square Centre in Bradford answered some questions about their time doing their Silvers together.

Laraib, Myda, Abigail and Georgia, Silver achievers from South Square Centre, Bradford

What made you undertake your Silver Arts Awards?

Laraib: I wanted to do something outside of school

Abigail: I wanted to do something different, I thought that it would look good for Uni too.

Myda: It was an opportunity for me to take part in something with a totally different and unusual theme to A-Level work and found it would be good to make new work and work with other artists.

Georgia: I undertook my Silver Arts Award to build up my CV before coming to university and to work with other people I'm not used to working with.

What creative projects have you worked on since?

Laraib: I have been going to the new focus group in Bradford where we visit galleries and archives and at the end we are creating about women in World War One. The focus is photography. I have been drawing and doing digital stuff on photoshop at home instead of sketching.

Abigail: I am going to Envisions at Bradford too and catching up on art at home. I have just gotten into York St. John University to do Graphics which I am really happy about.

Myda: I am currently working on my independent project in college where I am drawing through the senses!

Georgia: Since I completed my award I have been working on many projects at university including more oil paintings but also tried out various new techniques such as line drawings of architecture and embroidery.


  • The group planning their Unit 2 workshop

Talk us through what each of your roles were in accomplishing your Awards (splitting it up between Unit 1 and Unit 2).

Laraib: For unit 1, my aim was to create a piece of work for the Bronte exhibition at South Square using software that I wasn't used too. For unit 2, my role was to work in a team to explain to children how to create art using pastels inspired by the Bronte family. We ran a day long workshop at South Square in the summer holidays and advertised the activity on Facebook and flyers around the village. People could come and make a postcard called Imagination Creation

Abigail: In Unit 1 my aim was to do a large scale drawing of the Parsonage in Thornton which I achieved. In Unit 2, my role was to plan and organise a big draw activity in October at South Square. It was all linked to the theme of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). So I organised a leaf rubbing activity, and a light drawing activity. I told the rest of the group the plan and organised roles for everyone on the day.

Myda: In unit 1 I wanted to create a painting inspired by watercolours that Charlotte Bronte did when she was alive but using oil paints. I challenged myself to paint something small and intricate. In Unit 2 I worked within a team to plan and deliver a family workshop, again inspired by the Bronte sisters. My role was to greet people and show children how to use the oil pastels and paint. I also logged feedback from participants.

Georgia: For Unit 1, my role was to do a large scale oil painting of the Bronte Parsonage using the Impasto technique. Oils are my favourite medium and I usually paint with a smooth texture, so using the oils in a thicker way on a large scale was my challenge. For Unit 2, I planned a family workshop within the group. My role was to create examples for the Scraffito technique as well as making the promotional flyer that went on Facebook and around the village.


  • Myda's Unit 1, Part C - Research and Review

What were the greatest challenges for all of you?

Laraib: Time was definitely a challenge in Unit 1, so I needed to simplify my piece. It took longer than I originally thought. It was also challenging to fit in the project around my other commitments. I also found choosing ideas of what to do for my final piece challenging as there are a lot of options.

Abigail: My drawing took longer than I thought it would so time for me was also challenging. My pencils also kept breaking! It was challenging to get the word out for the Big Draw activities too.

Myda: I think the hardest challenge was fitting it around my other commitments but I still managed to do it as I was really enjoying myself and wanted to create great work!

Georgia: The greatest challenges of all for me were fitting Arts Award around other commitments as it was taking place during me preparing for university and actually moving away to university.


  • The group working on their portfolios

What aspects are each of you most proud of?

Laraib: Finishing it! I always do things halfway and stop. Working with different artists was interesting and fun, especially working with Rufus (a painter). It made me want to continue the project further.

Abigail: Having something to put in the gallery at the end, being included in a final exhibition is what I am most proud of.

Myda: I am very proud of my final piece and the exhibition paid off well!

Georgia: I am most proud of the skills I have built up, for example team work and event organisation.

How do you think what you've accomplished in your awards will help you moving forward?

Laraib: The experience I have gained from working with new artists will help me in the future. Learning more about the arts world too.

Abigail: I mentioned the project in my interview for uni, also the Unit 2 Part C where you research more about opportunities was really helpful, finding out more about what is out there was good.

Myda: It will help me develop my CV and for my personal statement for my application to university.

Georgia: My award will help me in many ways including when promoting myself as an artist - I will be able to say I have exhibited.


  • The group working together on their large scale drawing

What advice would you offer to people undertaking/about to undertake their Silver Arts Awards?

Laraib: Think about what you can do for your final piece, it can be anything! To experiment would be my advice.

Abigail: I would say that it's a good opportunity to learn new things and it is a different experience to what you would get at school.

Myda: I would tell them to definitely give it all your effort and do the best you can! The more you put in, the more you will get out! Working with new artists is really interesting and I found it very enjoyable.

Georgia: My advice for people about to take the Silver Arts Award is to just be dedicated and stick with it and enjoy tasks you maybe aren't used to doing at school or college.


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