The cast of the Spooky Library Sleepover by Work In Progress

I attended the Spooky Library Sleepover, in the evening. The mystery trail was very interactive, during the trail there were three characters to meet. These include Dracula, Medusa and a Sleeping Mummy.

The cast of the Spooky Library Sleepover by Work In Progress

When the young people were getting to know characters, they each had an activity to complete i.e. compliment tins, colouring in sunglasses and writing hieroglyphic messages.

The participants hot seated the actors.

Name: Phillpia
Artform: Drama
Role: Ruby Roo

  • Phillpia is a Librarian in the Children and Music section of Birmingham Library. She got into drama through further education and that's where her skills for drama lead to the role of Ruby Roo.

Q: "Is a library an place of art?"
A: "Yes, it's a place to study art and anything you want it to be."

Name: Helen
Artform: Drama
Role: Sleeping Mummy Character

  • Helen played several lead characters in school performances.

Q: "Tell us about your work after Gold Arts Award."
A: "Apart from my completing my Gold, I've had more experiences to take lead on Drama workshops like The Belongings."

Name: Kayleigh
Artform: Visual Arts
Role: Medusa

  • Kayleigh made the decorations and designed activities for the young people to create at the sleepover.

Q: "Who inspires you?"
A: "It was my Nan as she told me growing up always to believe in myself."

Name: Jayden
Artform: Spoken word/Beatboxing
Role: Scraggy

  • Jayden gave us a snippet of his beatboxing skills. He also has a passion for spoken word,

Q: " Who would be your favourite spoken word artist?"
A: "I take inspiration from Watsky as there's deep meaning in his work that I can relate to."

Name: Izzes
Artform: Visual Artist
Role: John Cadbury

  • Izzes tried university didn't turn out to be his future as he had other ambitions to start up his own business called Nubi a platform for creatives.

Q: "What are your main skills?"
A: "I have web design/photography/graphic design that helped along side Nubi."

Name: Ariya
Artform: Drama
Role: Raphe

  • She was at stage school for young people who love to perform. After going to university and studying a Teaching degree, she had the opportunity to be a creative intern with Work in Progress (WiP).

Q: "What was it like managing your first event with WIP?"
A: "It was amazing, I am so glad I had the opportunity to do it."

Name: Vicki
Artform: Drama
Role: Selma

  • Vicki is an Arts Award Advisor for Work in Progress, she does a tremendous job. What she loves doing is advising big groups of young people completing their Arts Awards.

Q: "What is one of your favourite characters you've played."
A: "It would have to be the creepy school girl from The Belonging play."

Check out the promo video I created for the sleepover.


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