Unit 1 in detail - Extend your arts practice

Unit 1 is about personal arts development

Part A: extend your own arts practice

  • Extend your arts practice by developing new arts skills in another art form, genre or practice.
  • Work as an artist or in a 'behind the scenes' role like arts marketing or technical theatre.
  • Collaborate with someone else – a friend with specialist expertise; a more advanced practitioner; a teacher. Then produce an original piece of work which is influenced by the skills you've learned in the new arts area.
  • Share the work you make with others and review how this goes.

Chris plays the flute so he planned and created a new piece of music, working with a jazz musician. Here's his plan and here's the final piece which he performed at a public concert. More ideas in this video...


  • What is your main arts practice?
  • What other practitioner will you work with and why?
  • What have your chosen for your artistic challenge and why?
  • What new material will you produce?
  • How will you demonstrate how one arts practice has influenced the other?
  • How will you share your work with others?
  • How will you gather feedback from them?)


  • Describe what your challenge is and why you chose it
  • Show your plan to develop your skills
  • Show how you kept track of your progress
  • Show the new art work you created
  • Show how you shared your work with others
  • Review how the sharing went, including feedback from others


Any resources and tools to help you with this part of your Arts Award...

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