How to write your project evaluation

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How to write your project evaluation

Now it’s finally that time. Time to zoom out, take a long look at the project, then evaluate piece by piece. It might seem like a lot at first, but get down to it and your Arts Award will be completed before you know it. 

1. Overview the project as a whole 📊

From beginning to end, how would your summarise your Arts Award? When initially taking a broad overview of the project, it’s helpful to remember those goals you set out when making your action plan.

Were these goals met? If partially accomplished, why? What was the main skill you learnt from your project, and was this something you expected? 

2. Go micro 🌸

Once you’ve answered the big questions, zoom in and take a closer peek at each individual stage.

Did your action plan work effectively throughout the project? Why or why not? Ask yourself about the successes and challenges faced at each stage. Look back to those notes or diary entries made as a guide. 

3. What would I do differently next time? 🕰️

No doubt your Arts Award was a success. Often, this accomplishment was mingled with challenges which prompted learning experiences and actually heightened overall success. So now’s the time to ask: if I did this project again, what would I change?

It may be that you consider the whole project a great triumph and struggle to think of what to build on. Perhaps next time you’d set a more ambitious goal and build on the skills you learnt during this project. Maybe next time you’d aim to achieve more goals, or even narrow down your aims if you set too many. 

Whatever you decide, try to back this up with a details of a challenge you faced within your project and the steps taken to try to overcome the problem.

4. Analyse feedback 💡

Remember that feedback you collected as part of your arts project in Unit 2? Whack it out, take a close look at the comments and see if you can spy anything in common. If a few people commented about feeling rushed or struggling to fill the time, maybe you’ll consider lengthening or shortening the project time. 

Peer review is crucial here too.  

5. Reflect on your leadership 📝

Remember, Unit 2 of your Arts Award is looking at more than just the project, it's evaluating your leadership skills, and how they developed over the course of your Arts Award. So, it's important when doing your evaluation, you also look at how you led the project. Some of the things you might want to consider in your evaluation include:

  • Self-Assessment: Compare your initial understanding of leadership to your current perception. What surprised you, and how did it influence your approach?
  • Skills and Strengths: Identify the leadership skills you relied on and how they contributed to the project's success.

  • Learning Moments: Reflect on key experiences that tested your leadership skills and what you learned from them.

  • Peer and Mentor Feedback: Consider the feedback you received on your leadership and how you incorporated it into your style.

  • Impact on Team and Project: Evaluate how your leadership influenced the team dynamics and creative outcomes.

  • Future Growth: Outline the steps you'll take to continue developing as a leader in your artistic journey.

6. Congratulations 🙌🏽

And... There you have it! Congratulations for finishing your Silver Award! 

Why not upload some or all of your project to Arts Award on Voice? We'd love to hear from you. 


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