Five ways to attract an audience to your super awesome arts event

You’ve made it through the idea generation, the upskilling, and the planning – now it’s time to show the world what you’ve learnt. But how do you get the world to listen? (Or your mum, friend, or neighbour's cat, to come to your amazing arts event). 


Create a launch video

It could be a simple vlog with a monologue about why others should come to your event and what it means to you. It could be snippets of your event to showcase what’s to come. It could be early reviews from influential people you’ve invited to a pre-show. Whatever it is, make a short 20 - 60 second video, and promote it on TikTok, by WhatsApp, or even in an assembly or at your local arts centre? 

Make personal invites

Time-consuming, but totally worthwhile! Keeping it direct and personal will let people know you really want them at your party, whether you hand-make them or send out a digital invite.

If you can’t beat them, join them

Join forces with other artists for a dual event. Double the art, double the audience. Take a look to see if there’s anything else happening in your local area at the same time as your event and approach the organisers for ideas of how you could work together. 

Bring the snacks

Most people love food, no? Set up a stall in your local community centre or school hall and bring snacks, and leaflets, of course.

Ask for help

Friends and family, sure. But what about local organisations that have large mailing lists of potentially very local audience members. Think of councils, art centres, libraries, youth organisations and schools. Send them an email with the details of your event and ask them to share it with their networks on social media and in their newsletters. 

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