Some of my favourite things to cook in lockdown!

Hey guys! It’s me, Allegra, back again to announce that I. LOVE. COOKING. Lockdown has been the ideal time for me to perfect my cooking skills and so I would love to share some of my faves with you… They’re all easy and fun I promise!

Some of my favourite things to cook in lockdown!
  1. Nachos! The perfect movie snack, you can make nachos with any level of commitment you’re feeling on the particular day. I went the whole hog and cooked chilli to go on top, made queso sauce to drizzle over and made guacamole and refried beans to go with it as well!

  2. Houmous! Now is the time to perfect that at-home houmous recipe, gang! It’s so much easier to make than you’d think it would be, it’s cheaper than shop bought, and healthier too! All you need is chickpeas, tahini, salt and lemons and you’re good to go. 

  3. Sushi. This one is a little bit fiddly, and some ingredients are a bit hard to get a hold of if you can’t make it to a specialist shop, but if you can dedicate a few hours to making sushi, I really recommend it. It’s like an arts and crafts project as well as a cooking project!

  4. Guacamole - this can go with the nachos you made earlier… Guacamole is so satisfying to make and really delicious when you get it right. Bonus points if you grew your own coriander and chillies to add in too!

  5. Pasta bake. When all else fails, we have pasta. It’s the perfect comfort food, and if you dress it up as pasta bake, it’s also a pretty healthy, yummy and exciting meal. Now put on some Netflix, tuck in and enjoy. 

Hope you guys got some inspiration from this post! If you make any and take photos, tag me @allegraworld!

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