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What art forms are you interested in or like doing?
I currently enjoy drawing and doodling. I sketch in most of my free time and my work usually relates to my spiritual interests. my work can also relate to my feelings and inner emotions at the time of creating them. 

What arts or creative skills do you already have?
I have a passion for a wide range of art. They include drawing, sketching, shading, colouring. When I choose to start a new image I like to imply different messages , meanings and feelings behind an image I create. I try express my spiritual side through art a lot. I also have great comprehension skills.
What would you like to try out or improve?
Having worked with only pencils in all my previous art. I would like to stray away from sketchy pencil drawing and I would like to improve my art skills by trying to work with paint. To make my drawings more realistic as they have previously always been quite cartoony. I feel the current skills I have in my art have lacked theme so I would like to add more sense of a theme throughout this stage in my work. 

Have you got any ideas about what would be a good arts challenge for you?
I'm going to be Setting a challenge for myself to widen my creative skills by learning new techniques I have never tried before. Techniques such as realistic drawings, portraits, landscapes, and learning to work with paint, pastels, and oils. This will be to broaden my current skills of only previously using pens and pencils, sketching and colouring.

Have you decided to extend an arts skill you already have or tackle something new?
Yes I have set myself a goal to extend my current art interests of un-themed sketchy drawings into themed realistic paintings. 

Why have you chosen this challenge?
I have chosen this challenge to extend and widen the skills I already have. To pursue the passion I already have for art and its different techniques further. Also to widen my techniques and open more opportunities for experience or a future career.

 What will happen to show that you’ve achieved your challenge?  
Alongside actually sharing my work in its original scrap book, I have decided I will share my challenge progress and gallery of my artwork through my blog and my arts Instagram. I will also upload my progress to voice.com (the online arts award forum) 


danni skelding

danni skelding

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