An Enemy to keep Close

Time is my true enemy

Time is my true enemy,

It both refuses to keep me young,

And beautiful and will not allow me,

To grow up fast enough,

It keeps me from my lover,

And will not let me marry him,

Until I turn 18,

It allows others to mock me,

For my youth and gives me no way,

To mock them for the fact that they will,

Soon be a fossil, which,

I am told is rude

Time burns me in the summer,

Months and refuses to allow me,

Cool shelter and each year,

Sweeps all the cherry blossoms,

Away from me and forces me,

To watch them decay,

Upon the rough pavement

It turns the green leaves,

Copper crisp as harvest brings,

Me all the soft apples and pears,

Despite the fact that strawberries,

And raspberries have all been stolen,

By time, I shall instead,

Add blackberries for sweetness,

And then eat it warm by a crackling fire,

With glowing lanterns burning outside

Time is my true enemy,

But I have been told,

To keep my enemies close,

So I will keep time in my heart,

Beside my lover,

Until I turn 18


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