Unit 2A: Aims and Desires

Here I outline the aims and desires of the final project.

Unit 2A: Aims and Desires

After discussing appropriate project ideas for a final event, our decision was to assign roles relevant to our new art form that would be linked together by a fashion show. 

My role, we decided, would be to digitally design promotional posters to raise awareness for our event. Of the leadership qualities I outlined in my previous post, I hope to develop all qualities to some extent, as these will prove useful for future workshops and in general aid in the independence of planning events when I am not working with a group on a large scale project.

To specify, the fashion show would feature clothing from the 60's era, as this was Ashley's focus. Therefore, it was decided that she would provide the clothing and make arrangements for models and potential dress rehearsals. The layout of the hall was designed by Brooke, who's new art form was interior design. She provided labelled diagrams and floorplans for a cat walk which gave us the foundation for equipment that we'd need for the event. Tino was put in charge of our backdrops; her focus was impressionism in traditional art, and she'd apply her new art form to the set of the catwalk. Chloe's new art form was musical composition, and she had the idea of either composing a piece reminiscent of 60's music, or teaching a saxophone piece to a younger group of students from a piece already composed in the 60's. We also talked about an interval in which we'd have two others perform their choreographed contemporary ballet piece. 

Together, we aim to host a successful fashion show that represents the vibrant mood of 60's fashion, and throughout the planning and organisation stages, we will gather feedback from our Arts Award Leader and anyone else who participates in the organisation and set up of the show.


Harriet Overell

Harriet Overell

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 23 April 2018, 10:33 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    This seems like a great plan. Hope it goes well!

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