My Gold Arts Award

On the way!

My Gold Arts Award

So I have just made an account. Hello, world!

I, as a student in Year 9, am doing my Gold Arts Award. My main art form is a Musician (pianist/composer).

Let's see how this goes...

I am halfway through Unit 1a and 1b. 

As for Unit 2, me and some friends are planning a very interesting project. More information will be posted here later.


Magdalene Ho

Magdalene Ho


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  • Nici West

    On 23 February 2018, 15:02 Nici West Voice Team commented:

    Hi Magdalene! Good luck with it all. Don't forget to keep us up to date :)

  • Luke Taylor

    On 26 February 2018, 11:13 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Great stuff Magdalene!

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