House on a cliff model

This is a model of a house on a cliff.

 I also made a video about it.

I once came up with an idea and wanted to make it real, so I made this model and a video about it as well.

This meant that I could share my creations with other people without actually bringing it. I made it using a plastic bowl, toylet paper and lollipop sticks. At the end I painted it and it made things so much better.

It’s on YouTube so anyone can watch it at anytime. It looks quite realistic and I think that the next one I make will be even better.

Please comment what you think.


  • Carol Leach

    On 23 February 2018, 10:11 Carol Leach commented:

    this is an amazing model, well done. It would be great if you could tell us how you made it.

  • Luke Taylor

    On 23 February 2018, 10:25 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Brilliant model. Can't wait to hear more about it :)

  • Ela Fimowicz

    On 25 February 2018, 11:56 Ela Fimowicz commented:

    I'm glad you like it. I made using a plastic bowl, toilet paper and lolysticks. I just glued the stuff onto the bowl and painted it. I also use the inside of a toilet roll for the roof but it's really quite simple.

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