Part D: art skills share. My Plan - Arts Award Bronze

Part D: Passing on arts skills to others - My Plan

Part D: art skills share.  My Plan - Arts Award Bronze

Date to be performed on Friday 7th April 2017.

Describe your arts skills share activity:

I am going to teach members off the audience a game which inspired the performance.The game is called Budge.Also, known as "I want to sit where you are sitting!".Basically, the aim is to get people to move off the seat in an interesting way. Prior to sharing the skill with the audience, I took part in a play about a school.The play came from an idea based on the game.

Why have you chosen this activity?

I chose this activity because I could teach others to use movement and have fun.

Who are you going to share your arts skills with? What will you need to think about?

I am going to share this skill with the audience at the end of the performance.The audience are parents and friends of the performers.They will take part in the game.I need to think about how the chairs are placed, the amount of room we need to use.

What do you want the other people to know/understand by the end of your arts skills share?

I need them to understand how you hold a person so that if one person lets go you both will not fall.And how movement will make a performance more interesting.

What will you do?

I will do a demonstration so that the audience knows what to do and how to do it.I will explain how to do it and make sure that they are doing it correctly.

What practical things do you need to organise?

I need stools, room space, practice sessions, timings, music.

How will you collect evidence of doing your arts skills share?

I will have photographs and videos.I will also write a blog about the arts skills share.

How will you know if what your arts skills share has gone well?

I will know if the people from the audience were able to do the skills correctly.I will watch them do the skill.


Cameron Austin

Cameron Austin

Cameron attends a performance based youth group called Sprungsters. The weekly workshop uses physical theatre, to develop his imagination and creativity. Cameron combines Drama, Speech and Movement to produce a physical performance. Cameron has gained a lot of confidence from attending Sprungsters. He also enjoys working with others, trying new things and gaining experience in the performing arts industry.

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  • Luke Taylor

    On 28 April 2017, 10:42 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    You've really branched out for your Bronze project here!

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