Part C: arts inspiration - Arts Award Bronze

Interview with Sarah Worth and Ben Morley from Highly Sprung Performance Company - Sprungsters.

Part C: arts inspiration - Arts Award Bronze

The arts practitioners that inspire me are Sarah Worth and Ben Morley.Sarah is the Artistic Director of Highly Sprung Performance Company. Ben is a Dance Artist at Highly Sprung.I attend Sprungsters which is a Drama and Physical Theatre performance based youth group run by Sarah and Ben.I recently interviewed Sarah and Ben to find out about them and Highly Sprung.

Who is Sarah Worth?

Sarah is a director/producer of physical theatre and Co-artistic director of Highly Sprung.

What training has Sarah done?

Sarah has trained with nationally and internationally acclaimed organisations that include Complitcite, Frantic Assembly, DV8 and Motionhouse Dance.

What is Sprungsters?

Sprungsters is a professional performance company that are passionate about getting involved.They deliver workshops to show children their full potential.

What year was Sprungsters set up?

Sprungsters was set up in the year 2000.

What is Highly Sprungs' most popular performance?

Highly Sprungs' most popular performance is Urban Astronaut.Ben had a part in this performance.It is an award-winning performance which had more than 40,000 views.

Why did they create Urban Astronaut?

They made it because it means something about the world that we live in and how 6 million people a year will die from air pollution.

How did Ben get involved?

Ben got involved because Mark and Sarah Worth formed a Physical Movement and Drama Company called Highly Sprung.They invited Ben's sister to join the company.Ben did not want to leave his sister so he joined too.

How old was Ben when he started performing Drama?

Ben was 7/8 years old.

What did Ben do with his knowledge?

Ben did a GCSE/A Level in Drama.He also did a Dance and Drama degree at Coventry University.Ben then became a leader at Highly Sprung.

When did Ben graduate from university?

Ben graduated in 2012.

What did Ben do as a Leader?

Ben became a performer, delivered workshops.He did Sprungsters on tour (world-wide performances).

What awards has Ben gained?

Ben was given the Rising Star Award, that goes towards the City of Culture.

What did Highly Sprung do for Ben's confidence?

Going to Highly Sprung Performance Company made Ben who he is today, because when he started he was a very quiet boy who didn't speak much.Ben now has lots of confidence and is a great teacher.


Cameron Austin

Cameron Austin

Cameron attends a performance based youth group called Sprungsters. The weekly workshop uses physical theatre, to develop his imagination and creativity. Cameron combines Drama, Speech and Movement to produce a physical performance. Cameron has gained a lot of confidence from attending Sprungsters. He also enjoys working with others, trying new things and gaining experience in the performing arts industry.

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