Part D: art skills share. Review - Arts Award Bronze

Passing on arts skills to others - Review

Part D: art skills share.  Review - Arts Award Bronze

Review - Performed on Friday 7th April 2017

Describe what skills you shared and how you did it:

I asked members of the audience to come up and take part in a game we called Budge.I also gave a demonstration so that they knew what to do, and I explained what they should and shouldn't do.Then I asked them to do the game.After that I asked to remember the sequence and use the sequence to get from one stool to the other.

How do you think it went?

I think it went incredibly well, the audience really tried to join in.they did it correctly.They all looked like they were having lots.At the end, we all clapped because the audience did very well.

List three things that went well:

1.My explanations were good.

2.The audiences understanding.

3.The end result.

Things you would do differently next time:

1.We could have practiced more.

What did other people think?

People thought it was great.People said positive things and were relaxed and having fun.

What new skills/knowledge have you learnt?

I learnt how to teach things to people and to have their full understanding.

What was your favourite part?

Seeing everyone doing what I taught them and seeing it succeed.


Cameron Austin

Cameron Austin

Cameron attends a performance based youth group called Sprungsters. The weekly workshop uses physical theatre, to develop his imagination and creativity. Cameron combines Drama, Speech and Movement to produce a physical performance. Cameron has gained a lot of confidence from attending Sprungsters. He also enjoys working with others, trying new things and gaining experience in the performing arts industry.

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    On 28 April 2017, 10:40 Luke Taylor Contributor commented:

    Excellent review :)

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