Alanna Royale Shines With "Trouble Is"

Alanna Royale's latest album, "Trouble Is", has finally made its way to Europe, after its initial release in October 2023, offering listeners a musical journey through resilience and self-discovery. 

With raw honesty and captivating melodies, Alanna Royale shares her personal experiences of overcoming adversity and finding her true self amidst life's challenges. From beautiful tracks exploring love and loss to upbeat anthems of empowerment, "Trouble Is" delivers a poignant message wrapped in soulful tunes. Indeed, drawing from her love for classic 70’s Soul and 90’s R&B, Royale crafts an emotional rollercoaster, delving into themes of EMDR therapy, addiction, and self-loathing. However, what sets "Trouble Is" apart is its ability to transcend genre constraints. As listeners delve into the album's depths, they are invited to reflect on their own struggles and triumphs, finding solace and inspiration in Alanna Royale's authentic storytelling.

Talking about the titular track, she shares: “This is a meditation on agitation. Deeply realizing that life as I know it is not working and how hard the fight will be to make a new life for myself. This is the thesis to the entire album.

Are you ready to join the artist's movement of self-discovery?

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