NOCT Releases "Everything is Ripe"

NOCT shares with the world her new emotional track "Everything is Ripe".

Based in the bustling metropolis of London, NOCT draws inspiration from her multicultural background, blending 2000s alternative-indie sounds with bossa nova rhythms to create a truly unique musical experience.

Born from years of musical exploration and experimentation, "Everything is Ripe" is the culmination of NOCT's artistic evolution. It tells the tale of someone grappling with existential ennui and the pressure to seize fleeting moments of youthfulness amidst life's uncertainties. Through thought-provoking lyrics and raw energy, NOCT invites listeners to reflect on the cyclical nature of life and the urgency to embrace ripe opportunities before they pass. The song was recorded at Danny Monk's studio in Baker Street and mixed and mastered by Monk himself.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Noor Harajli shares, "It was very much inspired by the culmination of all heavy genres I've been exploring for the past few years. Bands such as The Clash, Led Zeppelin, King Krule, are a few that come to mind. I was very intentional when it came to producing this song - I knew how I wanted each individual instrument to sound, when to come in with modulation, effects– and overall, I just had a very clear vision for it from the get go."

With "Everything is Ripe", NOCT invites listeners on a musical journey of renewal and reflection. Whether you're a longtime fan or a newcomer to NOCT's music, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression, reminding us all to savor the ripe moments of life and embrace the beauty of the journey.


Header Image Credit: Ellie Cooper


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