Unveiling the Soulful Sounds of Ari Amun with "Human Nature"

Ari Amun, the talented singer-songwriter hailing from Atlanta and New York City, has recently graced us with her latest music video for the soulful single, "Human Nature", featuring the skilled producer Madhi. 

Ari Amun's musical journey began in Powder Springs, Georgia, where she honed her craft and eventually found herself accepted into NYU's Contemporary Vocal program. The transition from the serene landscapes of Georgia to the bustling streets of New York City has undeniably influenced her music, as she artfully blends elements of nature with the fast-paced energy of city life.

Amun's evolution as an artist is evident in the progression of her singles, from the introspective "Drowning", addressing mental health struggles, to the carefree vibes of "Attitude". With "Human Nature", Ari takes her artistry to new heights, delving into themes of perception and embracing humanity with a confident bassline and spellbinding vocals.

The collaboration between Ari Amun and rising producer Madhi brings a unique fusion of genres to "Human Nature". Madhi's jazzy and soulful influence complements Amun's distinct style, creating a track that seamlessly navigates between R&B and Pop.

The official music video for "Human Nature" showcases Ari Amun's artistic vision. Shot in various locations, from gardens to studios, the video juxtaposes nature with superficiality, mirroring the song's exploration of human essence. Amun, along with cinematographer Kameron Jones and editor Charles Jones, brings the song to life through acting, set design, and fashion..


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