Fleur de Peau unveils Synth-Pop symphony of emotion and melancholy

In the creative crucible of January 2023, the synth-pop project Fleur de Peau emerged, led by the talented duo of Louis Fernandez and Élie Dubois-Sénéchal.

At the helm of this musical endeavor is Louis Fernandez, a versatile multi-instrumentalist renowned for his contributions as a musician, arranger, and producer within the vibrant Quebec music scene. Not only has Louis left his mark on the stage with the group Furhats, opening for acts like Galaxie at the FEQ and Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, but he also embarked on a solo venture in 2022-23 with three singles released under the moniker LoveFight. As a composer within Fleur de Peau, Louis injects the duo's music with lyrical and catchy melodies, layered with symbolic distortion—a representation of interference, disruption, and the delicate balance between chaos and beauty.

Élie Dubois-Sénéchal, hailing from Quebec, is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in poetry, comic books, cinema, and photography. While her artistic journey encompasses various mediums, it is with Fleur de Peau that Élie makes her foray into the world of music. With a distinctive touch, she contributes engaged and sensitive lyrics to the songs, delivered through her velvety voice.

Fleur de Peau is the collaborative result of Louis and Élie's combined strength and creativity, born out of their shared love for art and music. The duo's sonic landscape is characterized by its melancholic, impactful, and poetic nature—a testimony to both the Queer and feminist reality and a personal, emotional approach to the urgency of living.

The music of Fleur de Peau is a fusion of influences, seamlessly blending the rhythmic echoes of the '80s with a contemporary and alternative sound. The beats, adorned with reverberation and robotic drum machine accents, showcase the duo's ability to pay homage to the past while firmly staying rooted in the present.

Synthesizers shimmer alongside dynamic and sometimes lo-fi and dark guitars, creating a unique sonic tapestry. Despite the richness of the arrangements, Fleur de Peau's music remains unapologetically transparent, allowing the essence of each composition to shine through.

Anticipation builds as the duo prepares to release their upcoming album, "Contre Sens", in the spring of 2024. Each track within the album promises to carry its own distinct universe, drawing from eclectic influences spanning electro, punk, pop, and new wave. From soothing vocal melodies to dissonant and abrasive guitars, Fleur de Peau invites listeners into a captivating journey through a symphony of emotions.

As the sun-drenched days of summer give way to the vibrant hues of autumn, Fleur de Peau invites us to keep the warmth alive with their first single, "Stroboscope". This spirited track, set to be a highlight of their upcoming album releasing in spring 2024, is a celebration of love, beauty, and unbridled joy.

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