The Future of Music: Zoe Rex Leading the Way into Uncharted Territory

Zoe Rex, an artist raised in LA with East Coast roots, sees the LA music scene as tight-knit yet filled with deception. Her music journey aims to connect with people, giving them a voice.

The Future of Music: Zoe Rex Leading the Way into Uncharted Territory

Zoe Rex, born on the East Coast but raised in LA, has witnessed and grown up with both sides of life. In her perspective, the music scene in Los Angeles seemed highly exclusive, with everyone being well-acquainted, and within that broad social circle, smaller, more tightly-knit groups operated similarly. She noticed a prevalence of deceitful individuals and a decline in personal values when it came to personal interactions. LA appeared to be a place where people came with aspirations of "making it," often resorting to chasing popularity or the latest trends, which unfortunately led to betrayals and double-dealing to achieve their desired outcomes. However, due to the city's vast population of artists, there was a considerable pool to choose from, making it easier for Zoe Rex to find genuine and unique individuals, including curators, artists

Zoe Rex’s primary objective in music is to establish connections with as many people as possible and provide them with a sense of being heard. Her musical journey began as a means to express her own thoughts and emotions, eventually evolving into a platform for speaking on behalf of those who might struggle with vulnerability or expressing themselves openly. While achieving financial stability and independence is also a goal for her, she views it as a complementary aspect, akin to a side dish accompanying the main course of forging personal connections with her listeners.

Zoe Rex’s desired change in the music industry would involve those in positions of power within labels and those responsible for music masters being actively engaged consumers of music and media. Additionally, she believes it's essential for them to have a strong connection and understanding of the artists they work with.

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