Peaky Blinders: The final series uncovered S06E01 review

Voice reviews every episode from the final series of Peaky Blinders 

Peaky Blinders: The final series uncovered S06E01 review

Spoiler alert: This contains major spoilers from the episode!

Peaky Blinders is a cult phenomenon that's amassed fans around the world, and has served as inspiration for a themed pub in Liverpool. The series has run for nearly a decade and its series six return sees the last orders for the Shelby clan.

Episode one marks the beginning of the end and it seems a few things have changed, Tommy the whisky connoisseur and leader of the pack is now alcohol-free, something no one saw coming, and Nick Cave’s Red Right Hand was pushed aside to pay an incredibly poignant and moving tribute to Helen McCrory, who played the formidable Aunt Polly before she sadly passed away from cancer. 

The opening scenes saw a stunning portrait of Aunt Polly surrounded by candles and a few of her possessions. Later on, scenes fall silent as the camera pans in on each character portraying their grief at Polly’s funeral, which also allowed the viewer to grieve for both the character and Helen herself.

Tommy may be living the tee-total life, but he hasn't lost any of his charm and character that we've all come to love, mostly seen when he goes to see Michael’s wife Gina, trying to complete a definitely illegal business deal. As things get slightly heated, the Shelby clan leader delivers a perfect mix of arrogance and confidence as Cillian Murphy once again shows why Tommy Shelby has become such an iconic figure in TV history.

We also learn that Michael and Tommy haven't spoken to each other for four years, as Michael blames Tommy and his wild ambition for killing his mother. Given the fact Tommy has already set Michael up and put him in prison I'm sure this is a dynamic that will play out through to the final episode.

Whilst we wait on appearances from Tom Hardy and Stephen Graham, the show closes in a sombre silence as the credits play out in respect and memoriam to the late, great, matriarch Helen McCrory.

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