Brighton Fringe Review: Get Rich Or Die (Work In Progress)

Tom Mayhew is a stand up comedian and writer who talks about the working class and a bit of political stuff. He also has a series on BBC radio 4.  

Brighton Fringe Review: Get Rich Or Die (Work In Progress)

 His main focus is on the working class, in other words- people who are employed in manual or industrial work, those who work hard. 

 The joke is that he's a critic of the system and the government, he said that you can be ambitious and love what you do, and the difficulties about affording children. Also his funny fact of being impressive with nice shoes at job interviews was hilarious. In the UK you can buy shoes for £45 and it’s not a big deal…However there are countries where the power of purchase is lower, so maybe you’re impressing the HR interviewer or in some cases you’re just being corny…

 We’re now in the XXI century, lots of people now have access to the internet, it’s hard to imagine that it doesn’t matter where you are from, how you develop depends on the country that you’re living in. Poverty is what a lot of people will face, perhaps with a different way, with another circumstance. Renting a flat nowadays is easy if you’re using social media, but there are homeless, refugees and those who lose everything for many reasons. Get a job- is how we can survive, have your own house, car, decent clothes and travel are still luxury items to a lot of people, when you live for work, live only to pay your bills and pray to your shoes to least two years, this is not living a life- this is survival. The government and the system don’t care about it, as long as we’re paying taxes they seem to ignore the class that makes money to rich ones.

 I watched through the zoom and in the final of the show he let the audience to interact with him, I liked the style of Tom Mayhew, I'm not a specialist but I watched a few stand up comedian at live and also recorded, some of them have a strong energy and make the audience a bit intimidated like talking with them and asking random question, and with this, they can create a joke without a speech, like as Paul Smith (from Hot Water Comedy Club) do, which it's stupendous, however, nobody knows if the audience will feel comfortable with.

 Comedy it's not as easy as it seems to be, especially stand up. I recommend you to watch his stand up comedy. It's full of healthy political comedy, not surrendering to the left or right wings, in other words smart.


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