Brighton Fringe Review: Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty was a millennial melodrama, 50 minutes of magnificent mayhem rooted in a fond yearning for yesteryear. 

Brighton Fringe Review: Sitting Pretty

Covering fantasy, female friendship, and a jump splits in the first fifteen minutes, Carly and her crew of captors threw us back to an era of gay abandon and Groovy Chick cakes. It’s always a welcome surprise when we are reminded of the Tamagotchi generation or the age of VHS players, and this show delivered the nostalgic goods with panache, pizzazz, and a metaphorical punch in the guts. Aside from notable singing talent across the board and a strong set of dancers with impeccable wigs (I see you, Christina Aguilera), we were presented with a dedicated team, committed to delivering a dazzlingly fun show with room to grow even further forward. 

Filled with ballads, pop bangers, and a touching reprise of “Happy Birthday”, Sitting Pretty contended with a young woman negotiating with her past and present through a 90’s lens of song and dance. With a healthy soundtrack of uplifting tracks and Britney tributes, we met a whole host of characters all imbued with a strong sense of enthusiasm, energy, and a hefty dose of attitude. I left feeling a little lighter than before, with a little more sympathy for my millennial quandaries, and a lot of motivation to text my mum to say thanks for all those cakes she made. She's pretty cool after all. Get your tickets here.

Header Image Credit: Jade Scarlato


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