Brighton Fringe Review: Herbie's Jazz Breakfast

“Herbie Flowers and his band undoubtedly succeeded in delivering a morning of great music and great vibes all round!”

Brighton Fringe Review: Herbie's Jazz Breakfast

Taking my seat in the Spiegeltent, coffee in hand, I knew I was in for a treat when the renowned electric bass, double bass and tuba instrumentalist Herbie Flowers stepped onto the stage. Perfectly opening the show with a humorous anecdote which smoothly flowed into the band’s first tune which kicked off with a bang (quite literally with a drum solo from the incredibly talented Malcome Mortimore)! Each individual instrument complimented each other perfectly creating a marvellous musical concoction – it would not have been the same experience if one band member was not present.  

The stupendous talent I witnessed blew me away more and more with each song and made bobbing my head and tapping my foot irresistible. Certainly, the rest of the audience was in awe and loving every second of it alongside me as cheers and smiles were plastered all around the sold-out show! But what I found most admirable was the band’s evident genuine appreciation and love for their instruments; it was almost impossible to take my eyes off of pianist Cliff Hall’s fluency and delicacy as he delivered such a beautiful solo. I felt like I had been transported back to the 1930s when jazz thrived! Nevertheless, Herbie and his band have certainly convinced me that jazz still deserves an abundance of recognition. It was more than a pleasure to escape from the modern musical world of autotune and find comfort in a more raw and authentic sound.

From Jimmy McHugh’s ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love’ to Juan Tizol’s ‘Caravan’, the morning was filled with a variety of tunes, some upbeat and some ballads – there was something for everyone! Saxophonist, violinist and flutist Charlotte Glasson even performed her own composition ‘Fun Starts Here’ which encouraged a tremendous uproar of applause from the audience. Moreover, every solo trumpeter Paul Eshelby delivered was met with such engagement and positivity (even his comedic horse impression!).

 Herbie Flowers and his band undoubtedly succeeded in delivering a morning of great music and great vibes all round! With them playing at the Spiegeltent every Sunday, I might have to refrain myself from going every weekend as I never wanted the morning to end! With live music now accessible again, it would be unwise to neglect such a joyous morning which is guaranteed to put you in a good mood for the rest of the day (maybe even week!). Jazz fan or not, I promise you will not regret attending this event.

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