My review of infinity wars.

This is what i think of the marvel movie infinity wars.

My review of infinity wars.

It ended on a cliffhanger and there were a lot of surprises and twist and turns in the movie which was very entertaining, the scenes were great and the special affects were amazing. The acting was also very good, it was a very different marvel movie but it was very good because it had all of the superhero's in. It was funny, interesting and intriguing, one of the things I really liked was that all the hero's met each other and when Thor met Rocket Raccoon that was very funny and my favourite bit. Over all it was a great movie.


Nessa Fanning

Nessa Fanning

Im Nessa and I love doing art, ever since I was young I tried to copy alot of things I see around me into my art. I also like animals and drawing diffrent creature's and beast's. My favorite colour's are black, blue and I recently started to draw with my computer which has really leveled art up for me. Also I have been doing alot of watercolours too and have done alot of pictures of kittens,lions since I have a cat.

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  • Ophelia Appleby

    On 12 March 2021, 12:19 Ophelia Appleby Kickstart Team commented:

    Lovely review Nessa, very concise - I also enjoyed the crossovers and think the writing was indeed very humorous. Do let us know what you think of Endgame!

  • Imogen Thompson

    On 19 March 2021, 19:27 Imogen Thompson commented:

    Great review! I like how you put your own personal opinion in. It makes me want to watch Infinity Wars, however I think I should probably watch the other Avengers films first!

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