What would happen if our ‘Smart’ devices became conscious? In this New Creative piece, a Smart speaker ARI gains consciousness, and mobilises other electronics to destroy the human race… but not everything goes to plan.


You can watch IT'S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD here.

IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD is described as a comedy of error; or error messages, as it shows Smart speaker ARI gaining consciousness and her failed attempt to take over the world. I loved the use of colour, lighting and shadow in this short, especially at the beginning to show the silhouette of the only human leaving the device alone. The little details, like the colour switch that ARI does when gaining consciousness, is what makes this film so good. I also loved how the edited zoom-ins and various angles added to the humour, and added a fun, fast-paced energy. 

The sound effects, music and overall sound design worked really well, especially with the well-timed repetition. I also loved how quickly the audience can understand the various devices, which makes the later descent into chaos even funnier. I never knew that the eyes of an animated speaker could be so expressive: the subtleties and side-eye of ARI definitely made me laugh, as well as the delivery of certain lines. 

I really liked this piece because it really utilised the short format by telling the story very visually. I like how it leaned into the silliness of itself, especially since A.I is so frequently explored in a much darker, dystopian manner. I watched it again and again to fully enjoy the expressions of the different objects, and I would highly recommend you watch it too!

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