John-Luke Roberts: A World Just Like Our Own

John-Luke Roberts’ new stand-up show ‘There’s a world just like our own, but...’ follows a sold-out Fringe run. Roberts jokes his way through parallel worlds, arriving at a deep conclusion about the state of the world he lives in. 

John-Luke Roberts: A World Just Like Our Own

Robert’s stand-up show is unique and original, beginning from the supernatural premise that his washing machine is a portal to alternative universes. Employing absurdist and often silly humour, Roberts litters his newest work with pop culture references and rapid-fire delivery. 

The show is centred on the aforementioned title. The majority of jokes followed this structure. One of my favourites was ‘There’s a world just like our own, but they don’t have a word for sand.’ Although repetitive, the set-up was quick to understand and Roberts didn’t let the show get boring with his energetic performance. There were loads of running gags that built up well in the later parts of the show, making the second half more enjoyable as you were fully immersed in the world that Roberts had created. 

I felt the main prop of the show, the multiverse portal washing machine and attached phone were used well: I enjoyed the mid-show breaks to call versions of Roberts out in the multiverse just as much as the main show parts. Personally, I felt the funniest moments were when Robert completely broke the illusion and got a bit meta, talking to himself or the audience about the efficacy of each joke or giving the audience a choice of which one to hear. This excited and energised the audience, brought Robert’s mischievous personality front-and-centre 

Most of all, the underlying personal story brought together the whole show. After all, why make a show about alternate universes if not to escape the one you're existing in? I don't want to ruin it, but the very best moments of this show are hidden until the very end. Clever and eccentric, you’ll have never seen a comedy show quite like it. 

John-Luke Roberts brings his new show 'A World Just Like Our Own...But' to Soho Theatre from 13th to 15th Feb. Tickets available at


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