A review of A walk through Raffaello 1520- 1483 exhibition.

This is my review of A walk through Raffaello 1520- 1483 exhibition. Which I watched for my silver art award it's on youtube if you want to go watch it.

A review of A walk through Raffaello 1520- 1483 exhibition.

What was the title of the exhibition/show?

A walk through the Raffaello 1520-1483 exhibition. 

Why did you choose to attend this exhibition/show?

One of my friends recommended it to me.

Who were the artists and what did they create? The artist was Raffaello  and he created lots of paintings.

What did you see? I saw some of his paintings and his tomb.

What were your first impressions? My first impression was that it was presented nicely and that it all flowed very nicely.

Did you find anything particularly interesting to you personally? I found out that he was also an architect and that he painted the lady with the unicorn after seeing leonardo da vinci painting the mona lisa. 

What did you learn which will help you to achieve your challenge? I learnt that his art was loved and that he was greatly inspired by the classics. I also learnt that he was an architect. This will help me achieve my challenge because by getting to know different artists and their styles of art it will help me gain inspiration for my own art.

Did you enjoy the experience overall? Why? Yes I did as it was nice to see some of his artwork and have a narrator telling you about him and his paintings.


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melina williams

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